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Passion, that’s the word that describes many companies in the Cannabis Industry who practice socially responsible capitalism. Here are the companies that support the cause of telling the stories of the Cannabis Industry in their own words on Pro Cannabis Media! If you are interested in joining this group of dedicated professional businesses, please contact Jimmy Young at

Accounting Buds

Accounting Buds is a premier provider of services within the cannabis industry. Our team is made up of experts within cannabis, covering all aspects of the industry (accounting, tax, operations, products, politics, risks, etc.). We have world class systems in place to ensure an organized, efficient, and accurate monthly reporting process, which provide our clients with solid financials that follow Section 280e. Our clients can rest assured that everything is accounted for correctly, fully supported, tied-out, and ready for the inevitable IRS audit. We help to maximize cash for our clients, via cash forecasts, analytics, dashboards, and budgeting/forecasting so that our clients have actionable insights into their business (i.e. the information needed to make key decisions to run the business and maximize cash flow are at a clients' fingertips).

Charles River Insurance

Charles River Insurance is about bringing the knowledge and expertise of national insurance carriers to New England, without the hassle and cost. Their agents are former leaders in risk management and financial services, and all are innovators in the insurance space. They ground their work in creativity, experience, and passion to maximize personal and commercial insurance products for their clients.

Green Goddess Supply

Green Goddess Supply marries its 30 years of eCommerce expertise with its love of sourcing and providing high-quality smoking accessories and products. They have been working hard to design and perfect the highest quality products in each sub-category, bringing you only the very best. Their mantra is to "delight their customers with quality products."

Holyoke Cannabis

Our mission consists of bringing premium, recreational products of all forms into a friendly, well versed dispensary. Whether you are a on-the-hour veteran or a first-time user you can rely on Holyoke Cannabis to provide the goods and have the info. We supply a diverse selection of flower, 510 vapes/carts, edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates, everything!

Revolutionary Clinics

Whatever effect you’re looking to get out of your Medical Marijuana experience, Revolutionary Clinics connects you to the strains, products, methods, and people that can make it happen. With three Massachusetts locations, including Sullivan Square in Somerville, and Fresh Pond and Central Square in Cambridge.

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