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The so-called “Talk of the Cannabis Industry” now live streams PCM TV 24-7 news, talk, information, and educational content on ROKU, Apple TV, and Android. Pro Cannabis Media was named the “fastest growing media company in the USA by Global Health Pharma Magazine in 2021.

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Pro Cannabis Media is now referred to as the “CNBC of Weed” and the Talk of the Cannabis Industry. Now live streaming PCM TV 24-7 news, talk, info, and educational content on this website and ROKU, APPLE, and other social media platforms. Seven contributing independent producers, 11 contributing correspondents from around the world for our weekly Weed Talk News now anchored by Alaina Pinto, and our really live Green Rush – the business of cannabis talk show on Friday’s 4-6PM EST. Each day, Pro Cannabis Media’s 24 hour live stream offers a different binge viewing and streaming programming.

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Recent Shows

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